Drop Down Menus Won't Stay Open

When I click on drop down menu they won't stay open. Could this be something wrong with my mouse?

Anybody? Anybody?


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Probably not. What version of Win 7? Have you checked for viruses, malware, etc? When did this start? What were you doing just before it started? Have you tried a System restore from before it started? Do you have a System Image from before it started? What drop down menus? All or just some apps affected?

Lots more info needed to even start trying to help.


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Since you said anybody! I seem to feel for some reason those menus may depend on how the site was designed. You might try using the compatibility mode to see if they work, and if not that, perhaps a pop-up blocker, or maybe Java or some other scripting language might need to be installed or allowed, but not really sure.

Is this in one browser only or several?

Yes Ted I think I will just do a complete system recovery because I've only had this computer a month and never had this problem in the beginning


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Once you have things working properly look into Imaging. With an up to date Image, it takes me less than 10 minutes to restore my PC to the exact state when the Image was created.

I did my system recovery but I don't think that fixed my issue. Do you think it could be my mouse?

More likely to be the results of malware

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