Dropping my internet connection in Windows 7

I've been using windows 7 for quite some time now. I had my time with both the beta and the RC1. I have installed the retail Windows 7 Home Premium.

It regularly 'drops' my internet connection, and almost always does when coming out of standy/sleep or hibernation. I'll be downloading something, or browsing a page and all network activity stops. A reboot is needed to fix it.

I never had any kind of networking issues like this with the beta or RC. Anyone having a similar experience? Feel free to send pms.

i hade the same problem .. i got a new router .. what is compert. with win7 64/32 for $100 and work fine with win7 lap
and 3 vista maschines

hope you didn't spend money buying a router just to get net access in win7 to work flawlessly. I honestly don't think a different router solves the issue. I tried some of the settings changes mentioned on these forums and now everything seems to be working as it should.

same here too AM-300 Linksys is my modem :p
works but disconnects when it wants, forcing me to repair it, so it can find the gateway again :p

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