Windows 7 Dual boot and sharing files problem


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Apr 12, 2009
I have added Win7 in a separate partition to my Vista system. Win7 is thus on a separate drive in a shared file system. Dual boot gives me the option to choose OS. Everything is running fine.

However, when I open files in W7 from the drive with Vista it turns out security setting give me only read access for the logged on user. Folder security settings give full access, so to remedy that I have to change the settings for individual files. This is not feasible to do for the hundreds of files that I regularly access let alone archives and more. Resaving as new files would create a nightmare of duplicate files.

While I am not ready to completely change over to a beta (possibly the RC next month) I want to continue working with both systems in parallel. I am satisfied that my backup systems can handle beta-type disasters so all I need at this point is to change security settings wholsesale across C drive to give me 'full control' access from within W7.

How can I gain full control of files in the file system normally managed by Vista?
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