dual boot issues

My DB is xp/win 7 and I have had this thing dual booted for a while..mostly successful. There has been however one really annoying problem. Windows 7 recognizies areas of the xp boot disc.

Is there some way to get win7 to stop recognizing the xp boot disc partition so that there is no crossing of plugins/programs?


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There is a way, but doing so means you can't access any files on it: just simply remove the letter from your Win7 install (make sure you do it on Win7 and not XP). Restart or log off and then back on, and it should stop recognizing the XP partition because there's no drive for it.


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There should be any crossing of programs or plugins

Can you give an example or provide a screen shot?

Have you considered using Microsoft Virtual PC with XP Mode.

It works flawlessly on my computer and you can have both systems up and running at the same time.

It can be downloaded here:

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