dual boot vanished

Hi, I've got a main hard drive, divided in two main partitions, with windows 7 on each one. I originally had windows XP on one and Windows 7 on the other but, as I want to move permanently to windows 7 I decided to delete XP and reinstall W7 over the top of it. This way, I'll have a backup OS should I muck up the other one with all the tinkering I do (it happens quite often).
The trouble is, that when I loaded the new W7 on, I lost the dual boot choice when booting up- it just goes straight into the new OS. I can still see all the other files in the other partition but just don't get the choice of booting into it any more. I checked in Advanced System Settings/Startup and recovery settings and with the Default Operating System menu it only lists one OS
Here is a pic of my computer management window:

hard drives.jpg
and I read somewhere that if I right click on drive D and click on "mark as active" it would boot up that OS. But it also said that if there wasn't the right boot file in that partition, then I wouldn't be able to boot up at all - and I don't want that to happen.

does anyone know of a safe method to get acess to both opperating systems?


Joe S

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When you deleted XP it probably screwed up the boot record. You may need something like the Grub Loaderhttp://www.gnu.org/software/grub/ or EasyBCD Download EasyBCD For Windows 7

that program worked a treat - 5 minutes, including reading the instructions, and problem solved. Took me a day or two to back up my system beforehand, but better to be safe than sorry.


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