Dual-boot Video card issue


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I installed a Nvidia Force 8500GT in an E-Machine which previously had an older Nvidia nForce 6100.

All was fine, until I went to Windows Update in Vista. I choose a couple optional updates relating the the Nvidia ATA controller and Network Adapter

I did not select the update for the Nvidia 8500GT.

But when I restarted in Vista and right-clicked on the desktop, there was the Nvidia Control Panel.

I tried booting to Windows 7, got a desktop, no icons, no mouse cursor. Alt-Ctl_Del gave me a blank screen.

I then booted into safe mode in Windows 7 and the video driver it was using was the older nForce 6100.

I went back to Vista and did a restore from the Windows update that installed the true Nvidia driver, but it was still there.

I tried uninstalling the Nvidia drivers from Programs and Features and got a Stop error, restarted, got another stop error, chose Last known good configuration and here's where I'm at now.


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Try using this to get rid of it:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

It would probably be best to remove everything (nvidia wise) and then re-install using drivers from the main site. 7 carry's it's own set of drivers so don't worry about removing those.. Just remove the stuff you've put on....

If it's still giving you grief then I'd re-install but as above, make sure you've got your drivers from nvidia first.


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OK, here's how it look now (see attached screnshot.

My next step would be to go directly to Nvidia's site and download the files for Vista 43 and windows 7 32.

What I'm afraid of is that if i get it installed on Vista (can't boot to Windows 7, I'll run into the same problem as before Windows 7 will think it's using the older nForce 6100 and not boot

I went into display properties nd got back my standard 1680x1050 resolution. even though there are 2 yellow flags under display

How should i proceed?


From one of my diagnostic tools;

Primary Desktop Display #1
Unknown (\\.\DISPLAY1)
framebuf 1680 x 1050 @0.0 1 Hz 32 bit colour

Display #2
Unknown (\\.\DISPLAYV1)
RDPDD Chained DD

Display #3
Unknown (\\.\DISPLAYV2)
RDP Encoder Mirror Driver

Tried booting into Windows7, no success. I can however get in through Safe Mode.

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Updated post, no success, although Vista resolution is correct.

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When you install watch where it installs carefully. Nvidia uses C drive by default as installation site


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I finally got it working.

It would not install the Nvidia driver It said the install encountered an error and the installer timed out.

I then uninstalled Nvidia Stereovision and Nvidia driver from Program and Features, rebooted, cam up with huge icons as if it was in Safe Mode.

I right-clicked on the desktop, choose Screen Resolution and bumped it up to 1680x1050 and it's working fine.

However, it says Standard VGA driver in Device Manager.


I am stuck with Windows Basic theme, VGA Adapter does not support Aero

Screen shot attached

I feel my only option to totally take care of this would be to pull the Nvidia GForce 8500 GT card, start the computer with the nFore 6100, the shutdown, insert the card and have Windows install the WDDM driver.

Thanks for your suggestions guys.

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Have you tried updating the driver through Device manager? What is the actual spec of the E-machine? I'm just wondering if a bios update is needed as all this sounds a tad unusual..


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Yes, I extracted the contents on the downloaded file and there was an .inf file there.

That;'s when I got the timeout message.

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