Dual Boot Win7(x64) and XP Pro (x86)


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I have Windows XP (SP3) in a 32-bit OS loaded on my primary hdd. I loaded Windows 7 (64-bit) on a secondary hdd and can select upon boot which OS I want to use.

I seem to be having some trouble with this config because I've had to reload Win7 twice so far. Once I get it loaded and office back in place, it has trouble booting and goes into repair mode, which screws up the whole thing. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?


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Anyone at all?

As I mentioned, after I get everything setup and Office loaded, I'll shut it down and boot into my XP load. When I go back to launch my Windows 7 load, it tries to enter Repair mode and then I have to end up reloading again. I've run multiple different dual and triple-boot systems before so I'm not sure why this one is giving me grief.

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Wow. What does it take to get a question answered here?


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1st do you, indeed, have a 64-bit hardware platform?

Where did you get the .iso?

What burn spd was used?

May say more after ssing the answers to these queries.

Yes, I absolutely do have 64-bit capable hardware.
I got the ISO from a windows website.
16x was used during the burn process.


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