Dual Boot Windows 7 RC with TWO physical drives.


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Hi everyone,
I wanna dual boot Windows 7 with Windows XP HOME SP3.

I have seen multiple guides telling me how to do it if I was to use the same physical hard drive but then partition it, but I was wondering if it was different if you wanted to have XP on your primary drive and then install Seven onto a seperate physical drive.

Both drives are SATA, and both are curretly recognised by XP. So tell me, what do i have to do sifferently if I want to dual boot with Xp and Seven when I have 2 drives.

And now a more important question.

What happens when I want to uninstall Seven?

Do I just format the secondary hard drive and then everything will be solved? And I wont have any problems with booting into XP?

Or could it be potentially dangerous, maybe making XP not show up/ making it unbootable?

Any help is appreciated, thankyou everyone!


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Hi Noob

I have the same configuration as you HDD wise and I am running WIn 7 RC on 1 HDD and Win XP 64 on a second. As long as you have Win XP already installed on 1 drive, when you install 7 on the other it will set up the dual boot scenario and you will be able to select either to boot from. At least that is what happened with my installation.

(Douglas B)


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If you have multiple drives then multi boot menu is automatically made and update by each sucessive OS installed, when I originally got my first test win7 I had XPsp3, Vista X64 sp1 and win7 7100 using 3 HD's, provided you instal in order of OLDEST OS to NEWEST OS there should be no issues.