Windows 7 dual boot with vista


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Jun 8, 2009

I have a new computer system that had no OS and have installed windows 7 rc on it and it is running fine.Can I install vista on a new partion with out removing windows 7 ?


Most of the people in here had installed Vista first, and second was win 7 with limited issues. I did this with my 64 bit Vista and 64 bit win 7 and have no issues. One perk was that it recognized drivers through the Vista partition.
dual boot


Thanks for your info.
When I got my new computer I had no OS installed, I was waiting for Microsoft to send the 64 bit upgrade for my retail vista premium that I had just purchased. So I installed Windows 7 RC and all my other software from my old computer.
Now I have the 64 bit disc of Vista, could I just install it on its own part ion then I can dual boot with vista.
I don't want to do a clean installation with vista and then re install Windows 7 RC, unless I have no choice.


You might have to reinstall Windows 7.. When setting up a dual boot system you have to install the OS's from old to new.. Meaning Vista first than Windows 7.. ;) You COULD install Vista without reinstalling 7 but you'll end up spending more time than you want to trying to sort out the Boot Manager afterwards... ;)
This can be done successfully.....wohoo!!!;
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Heed Radenight's warning about boot managers. I escaped any issues but that's not to say you won't. Tread carefully ;)
If that's your intention, why don't you just try installing Vista from 7, at least you'll know if your setup will do it for next time!!
It is possible. I had Win7 installed first and managed to get Vista installed normally. Just go through the same process for the instruction for making a partition on Vista
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