Dual boot xp and win 7 boot manager problem.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Internet, Feb 10, 2010.

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    I had windows seven installed first then i tried to install windows xp, not knowing the xp boot manager would over right windows seven boot manager, now it boots straight into windows xp.
    I have tried to use EasyBCD with no success.
    I can't boot up from the win 7 dvd because i only have the .iso file.

    What else is there to do besides backing up and reformatting with XP first?
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    Your suggested method wiuld be the best, as you have only recently installed the OS. But, you say you have the ISO? Burn it to a DVD and boot up from the DVD. In the early stages of the installatin, you will be offered repair options. Select this and "repair start up".

    But this will still leave you in a position where you cannot boot XP. It will require a bit of work, and copying and transfer of XP boot files, should they be avaialble.
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    Edit: Process has now been tested. But please, make a bootable DVD or at least move the .iso somewhere you can later.

    You did not make a Win 7 Repair CD????????? :cool:

    Is this on one hard drive? EasyBCD doesn't work for what reason, did you install .net framework?

    OK, lets try this. If you have loaded EasyBCD, it includes the utiltiy bootsect.exe. If you can find that, move it to the \Windows\system32 folder.

    Look in the \Program files\neosmart technologies\EasyBCD\bin and find it in one of those folders.

    When you have moved it, open a command window and type the following and hit enter after:

    bootsect /nt60 sys

    If you get a operation completed message, try to reboot, if not, continue working on burning the DVD as advised by RAK.
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