One week ago On my comp. I had three partitions. Two of them were with Win7 ultimate (2010) and one with win XP.
Last week
I wanted to change windows7 to new versions.. win7 2012. and I did it, but I lost my XP. I dont see previous versions..winXP, like it was before. Those two partitions with win7 working perfectly, but missing previousversion winXP. Please help me, how to get dual boot agai

Need more info. Pls put in a photo of Disc Management. Thanks.

& what do you mean by new versions of Windows7, 2010 & 2012??? & 2 versions of Win7? x86 & x64??

Did you have dual or triple boot? Do you want dual or triple now?

Did you install Windows7 on the drive that was holding XP?


here is a pic...Link Removed due to 404 Error

They are win7 ultimate 32 (x86)

I had like this...

previous version ... when I click on, I get win XP booting

I installed winXP on formated partition, but i forgot the way how I managed to have triple booting

Easeus partition master.jpg Look at my easeus partition manager


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EasyBCD will set it up for your, just tell it you want a Legacy version and what partition number it is in. So, Windows 7 is on the 347 G and 156 G and XP on the 99 G?

So, you should end up with 3 boot entries beside the Boot Manager, 2 for Windows 7 and 1 for Legacy.

Easeus may be a good utility, but most folks here are more familiar with the representation Of Windows 7 Disk Management.

There is some really good info about using EasyBCD and dual booting on the NeoSmart Technologies site.


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Re: Help...

I answered you in the other forum, but it isn't really for discussions, just instruction. If you can, stay here unless an Admin changes it.

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