Dual Card Problem


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I've just made the switch to Windows 7. I have a triple monitor setup. They are connected on dual ATI Radeon HD 3870.

My problem is that even though Win 7 detects my other graphic cards, it doesn't detect the monitors that are connected on it.

Anyone has any thoughts on what could possibly be the problem?

Thank you very much for your time!


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Thank you for the fast reply!

My motherboard does support dual graphic cards. For example, a minute earlier, I was on Vista with my 3 monitors on and then bam, on 7, I can't get the third one to work!



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The weird thing is that on the first boot, all 3 of them were up-and-running. Then, 7 did some "critical" updates and boom, reboot & only two of them are working.

I installed the ATI Catalyst something software and just tried to force recognition, as you suggested, and it didn't work :(

Thks again for the info though!


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Thks again!

May sound stupid but how do I uninstall updates on Windows? Just so used to Mac... hehe

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