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So what I would like to do is connect to the internet through my wireless card. I then want to try and use one of my Ethernet ports to connect to a separate LAN for file sharing to a group of NAS enclosures. This LAN is connected to its own router and the router is providing its own IP addresses for the network.

My issue arises when I have both connections turned on at the same time. One sort of blocks the other and visa-versa. Is there anyway to get these two connections to work together. And no I don't not wish to share the internet connection with the LAN network. I would just like to maintain internet connectivity as well as access to the connections to the NAS.

Any help is greatly appreciated



Windows 7 Pro
-on board dual Gigabit Ethernet
-D-Link XtremeN Wireless Card

LAN Router - Linksys Cisco Router


Noob Whisperer
There isn't a lot of information out there regarding Multi-homing a Windows 7 computer and I can tell you that it's not the snap that it was in XP. But I've managed to get the scenario you described working for my network at home.
You will need to manually assign static ip address and subnet values for the wired connection to your inside private lan. Make sure that the ip address you assign is on the same network/subnet as your NAS devices. Leave the default gateway blank, you don't need it since you're not leaving the local area network with this connection. Also leave the DNS server values blank, since you are not going to be resolving FQDNs on this network.
Disable IPv6 on this network adapter and under the WINS tab for IPv4 make sure you check the Enable NetBios over TCP/IP.
Make sure that the NetBios helper service is started and running. But actually if you use the IP address of the NAS to map the network shares then netbios information shouldn't be an issue. Something like \\192.168.nnn.nnn\ShareName should work ok.
Once you get it configured, use the ping command to make sure that you can ping the private network as well as the one that your wireless card is connecting to. Ping a NAS by IP and then ping the inside edge of your wireless router for testing.

I got your method to work and it fully does what I want now. Thank you very much.


Noob Whisperer
Very good news. Glad to hear you were able to get it working. Thanks for posting back and letting us know.

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