Windows 7 Dual Graphics Cards


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Feb 15, 2009
(I know that in Nov. Microsoft said that Windows 7 will not support dual video cards!!) I love my tri-screens and wish I could used them in the beta! I have ATI video cards ("technology made by nVidia and ATI are not stable and will cause unstable performance, crashes and frustration to users"- Microsoft)... Will Windows 7 every support dual video cards? Has any tried a non-nVidia/ATI dual card set up? Or, bigger question did any get dual video cards to work? Come on people! Microsoft had since Nov. to fix this one! Will it be fixed (is it fix and I am just stupid :p ) or do I have to say goodbye to my tri-screens.

:rolleyes: Humm vista with tri-screens or Windows 7 with dual screens that is the question....
-(OMG I will not go back to vista!!! :razz: )
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