Dual Install

I want to install Win7 on 2 H/Ds is there anything that I should be aware of before I start? One drive is PATA and the other is SATA I think I must select which drive to boot from in the BIOS' I realize I cannot run 2 instances of the same Win 7 at the same time and the end goal is to reduce back to one install.

Question; what is the point of having two of the same OS on multiple drives? To answer your question - Yes you can. Just remove The original HDD with the first OS, then install 2nd HDD and install OS on it. Then re-install original HDD and boot up and get into bios and change HDD boot order to your preferred drive.

I am having a problem involving lockup, black screen and steady HD activity light, I am trying to determine if it's software or hardware. I was hoping to leave the primary HD in place and tell the BIOS to boot from another HD.

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