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    I'm having an issue using two monitors on my PC.

    A bit of background info:
    Ive been using dual monitors for about a year by plugging one into my on-board GPU (VGA-VGA) and one into my external GPU (VGA-VGA-DVI-I using an adapter).
    For reasons which I can't be bothered to explain because it's not important, my on-board GPU no longer works and I must use my two DVI-I ports on my GPU.

    Now, here's the problem:
    Both screens are identical, with VGA-VGA wires. I am using an official ATI VGA-DVI-I adapter that came with my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT) to connect the one screen.
    However, I purchased a cheap £1.50 VGA-DVI-I adapter off eBay for the second screen. But my problem is that when I connect either screen with the eBay adapter, it doesn't work properly.

    Here's a bit of elaboration:
    I can connect EITHER screen in EITHER of my GPU ports using the official ATI adapter, and they work fine.
    However, when I connect EITHER screen in EITHER of my GPU ports using the eBay-bought adapter, it either doesn't detect any screen, or it caps me at 1024x786 resolution.
    When I go to change my resolution, it calls the not-working one "Generic non-pnp" where-as my working one is called Packard Bell 200Ws.

    This leads me to believe that there is an issue with my eBay bought adapter, I just wanted someone to clarify that this is the issue?

    I don't want to pay the prices that places like PC World charge for a good adapter, so I want to check here first that the adapter is the issue.

    What would you advise?

    Also, the adapter is 24+5 pins DVI-I MALE to 15 pins VGA FEMALE.

    Thanks in advance,


    EDIT: Is it possible that my GPU can't run two screens at 1600x900?
    The GPU is PCI-E connected, NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512Mb.
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    All I can say is, that if you are saying that it doesn't work with that adapter even when only hooking up one monitor....

    Then I'd say it has to be some kind of problem with the adapter.
    I can't think of anything else.

    Is this what you are talking about?

    Amazon.com: StarTech DVI to VGA Cable Adapter, M/F (DVIVGAMF): Electronics

    I assume you have tried using the Detect button when you have the adapter in place.

    I don't have anything else.

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    This is the exact one I bought: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

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