Dual monitor issues

One of our staff members is running Windows 7 on a laptop (with docking station) and uses a USB VGA dual monitor device. Upon start up, the second monitor does not register any images (it remains black). Power is clearly running to the monitor and it is turned on. Strange part is, if she restarts the laptop three times, the monitor will miraculously begin working. Consistently she has to reboot three times to get the second monitor working.

We are new to Windows 7 and are hoping for some direction to correct the issue...any ideas?

Your input is appreciated!


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Windows 7 supports dual monitors just fine, so I would suspect a setting or compatibility issue with the notebook, or the docking station. You might check the docking stations website for tips and to ensure you have the latest drivers for Windows 7.

I can't explain the 3 reboots thing. ???

I cannot live without two monitors, and while Windows 7 is better than previous Windows, I still recommend the use of a good multi-monitor utility. I use and recommend UltraMon – not free, but worth it. It has the option to set profiles that may serve your purpose. Others have suggested DisplayFusion as a free alternative, though I have not used it.

One problem with notebooks is that the "Primary" monitor can't normally be changed. With a PC, UltraMon can swap the Primary with the secondary, tertiary, or even a fourth monitor. You might look in your display adapter's properties/options to see if there is something there about the Primary monitor.

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