Dual Monitor Position isn't Sticky

I have Win7 x64 setup with dual monitors. I want the monitor on the left to be my primary monitor, and the one on the right to be secondary. When I start the computer, Win7 wants the monitor on the right to be the primary. I've tried swapping the connection on the video card, but it seems like Win7 ignores the hardware and still makes the monitor on the right my primary. If I hit the "Windows-P" combination, it fixes itself, but I have to do this everytime I reboot. There should be some way for Win7 to remember my preferences.

Right click any where on the open desktop and then click screen resolution. You should see a window that shows your dual monitor setup. Click on which ever monitor you want as primary and it will highlight itself, then look down the page 3/4 or the way and you should see a box " Make this my main display". Tick that box, click apply, click OK. That should do it for you.

That helped. I also think my KVM switch is part of the equation.


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