Dual Monitor Set-Up with Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4350

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    We are having problems on a Dell Vostro 230 desktop with dual monitors with Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card.

    Dual Boot (2 HDS) 32bit and 64bit Windows 7.

    2 Monitors connected to the card:

    - Monitor 1 LCD 20" Monitor via DVI lead (set as Main in windows & ATI Catalyst Control Center). This is only Monitor 1 when the HDMI is not connected.

    - Monitor 2 is via HDMI and this is a 22" TV. Monitor 2 is not always turned on but this monitor controls monitor 1 depending on the setting in Windows Screen Resolution option (right click on desktop).


    1) When I connect the HDMI lead the main monitor that should be 1 (DVI), now becomes monitor 2 and the HDMI TV takes over as Monitor 1. Although in ATI Catalyst Control Center the DVI remains as monitor 1 like it should.

    Does this suggest that Windows is controlling the Graphics Card / ATI Catalyst Control Center and not vice versa.

    Q: Is there a way for the ATI Catalyst Control Center to take full control and control Windows Screen Resolution settings so the HDMI monitor will remain as monitor 2 at all times when connected?

    2) Because the HDMI TV takes over as Monitor 1, it controls what I can and can't do with the DVI main monitor. For example I have to keep the desktop as extended or my monitor turns off and the desktop and icons moves over to the HDMI TV.

    Image 1 is the graphics card ATI Control Center and is the way it should be. Main monitor (DVI) is 1 and the TV (HDMI) is 2.


    Image 2 Taken from Windows > Desktop Right Click > Screen Resolution. This is in reverse from the above. Although you'll see the PC monitor is "Main" its labelled number 2 but should be number 1.


    Please detail any fixes or things we can try. Totally lost and perplexed.

    Any help appreciated.

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