Dual monitor video problem

hey! so, I've done an upgrade and both screens are working fine and all, then if I stream say you tube and do full screen it wont use both screens it'll only use either or screen... anybody know what to do??


Really? nobody knows..??

Could anyone point me in the direction ware I might be able to source help?


Has that ever been possible? I've run dual and triple monitors for many years, the only way i've seen that is if you run them mirrored.

It's something to do with the WDDM specification from Windows Vista and was also in XP, Windows lady tells me it's not supported in 7...

Are there mirroring programs? do they literally mirror, or do they stretch?


I think it might stretch if one were wide screen and the other not wide (3x4).

The best software for multi monitors is Ultramon. I've used it for years. I think they have some sort of free version now, but i paid the 25 or 30 dollars for the full version. I am the IT tech for a travel agency and all of our agents run dual monitors and ultramon. When they have a client in front of them, they put their monitors in mirror mode with a single click, then spin one of the monitors toward the client and they both view the info the agent wants to show.

Realtime Soft UltraMon

Oh and for what it's worth, i'm disappointed in the things taken away from us in Windows 7. If i were not an IT tech i wouldn't buy it. Just like many avoided Vista, i think 7 isn't worth the upgrade. XP is perfect for average users.

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