Dual Monitors alignment problem

I'm a PC gamer, and my dual screens would work great for an online game that has dual screen set up options in game. I have an Alienware M15x laptop, with a Toshiba 19 inch screen hooked up via VGA cable + audio. I have it already set up to extend so i can go between the two seperate desktop spaces with no problem...

...except that when i go from laptop screen to TV screen, my cursor and whatever screen I'm dragging over jumps up to a higher spot upon entering the TV screen. Other than that I can dragg the window to the top and bottom of the TV screen the same as i can on the laptop screen. I can upsize it to fit the TV screen with no problem.

Cutting to the chase: when I run the game on windowed mode and streach it between the two screens, the game goes from top to botttom of the laptop screen, but on the TV screen it shows half the window... the rest goes out of the top of the screen where I can essentialy only see the bottom half of the left side of the game on my TV screen while seeing the whole half of the right side on my laptop screen. Needless to say, that doesn't work out very well. I've looked through the control panel menu concerning dual monitor hook ups and I've messed around with the TV monitor's computer compatability settings to no avail. Is there anything I'm missing? Did I set it up incorrectly/have the wrong type of TV?

Thanks in advance =)


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My only thought is, are the TV and the monitor set to the same resolution?

My 24" Dell monitor and my 42" LCD TV both have a native resolution of 1920 by 1200 so they work together with no problems.

But if you laptop is set to say 1600 by 900 or what ever laptop res. is and your TV is set to 1920 by 1200 that would probably cause the image to appear the wrong size on one of them when the image is extended across both.

I'm just guessing, I've never really tried this.


Didn't think of doing that. But I just now tried that, and It resulted in the same problem. My monitor has a max res of 1360 x 768 and my laptop has a max of 1600 x 900. I brought the laptop down to 1360 x 768, no fix...

And too, the problem isn't that the image is being warped or changed... If i move the cursor from laptop screen to TV screen and i start at the very middle of my laptop screen, as soon as i see it appear on my TV screen, Its 2-3 inches above the "middle line" of the TV screen which If you streach a window between the two screens, is what causes the problem for usability.

thanks for the thought


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I don't have any other ideas, I have my TV hooked up but I've never spread the display across both, I either use one or duplicate.
I'll try it today when I get time and see what happens.

In the resolution settings screen, you can drag and drop the monitor into the exact position(s) you want them to be in relation to each other.


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Thanks TG, very cool. I didn't know that. Just another reason I hang out hear at Windows7Forums. Awesome.

In the resolution settings screen, you can drag and drop the monitor into the exact position(s) you want them to be in relation to each other.
Of course, so simple. and yet, It worked. Thank you so much!

And Mike, thanks for your help too. I've got this place bookmarked, I can get so much better help than troubleshooting myself or going to a FAQ website/Support website.


You're welcome. It's amazing the things you can find out about this OS when one is bored and wants to mess around lol.

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