Dual Monitors + Desktop Calendars + Dual Monitor Wallpapers


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I cannot get "Active Desktop Calendar" to play nicely with multiple monitor apps when dual monitors are spanned by a single wallpaper. This appears to be a problem with all the desktop calendar apps that I can find.

I am now trying to use the Win7 Display Settings to achieve this end.
So far the calendar app is not crashing when the wallpaper spans the screens.
Now, my problem is that I want the R.H. screen to be the primary screen while the wallpaper wants it the other way. The center edges are on the outer edges
Is there a way to keep the RH screen the primary screen and get the wallpaper fo display correctly with Windows Display Settings?

You could physically switch the monitors and then rearrange the apps on the monitors to your liking's.


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Yeah, that sounded like a good fix to me also.
The problem is when I change the primary screen to the new RH screen.
I have the same problem all over again.
It's beginning to look to me as if this is a right handed world's conspiracy against the preferences of left-handed people.
Win7 seems to be part of the conspiracy.

I hate to keep installing and uninstalling desktop calendar and multiple monitor apps trying to find a combination that works.
Plus to add insult to injury, before I built my new PC, my calendar and multi-mon apps worked just fine together for a couple of years.
The problem appears to be the calendar app.
A couple of the calendar app sites allude to this being a problem for their product.
They appear to have trouble with where they are located on the wallpaper.

How about Outlook's calendar?
Can it be set to display unobtrusively on the desktop by default and not conflict with a spanned wallpaper and a RH primary screen?

Can anyone suggest calendar and multi-mon app combinations that work with a RH primary screen and spanned wallpapers for them?

Have you tried MultiMon or Display Fusion? I think that might do what you want, one is free the other is a trial and both have paid versions which will let you have more control. I personally have display fusion, the paid version.


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Thank you bassfisher6522.
DisplayFusion did the job right out of the box.
After loading a new wallpaper this is what I got with no adjustments to be made:
The Primary is on the right as I wanted it to be.
The calendar loads on every re-boot and cold start up.
Life is great when everything works as it should.


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Glad you have it all sorted out....and glad I could help out.

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