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    I have dual screen running. an acer 23" with dvi and a 42 olevia TV with hdmi. my acer is the main monitor and i have exstended display on the tv. what i want to know is how to make my games run on the tv with out having to change the settings all the time I just want to start the game and have it start on the tv. if anyone know how's to do this let me know.
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    I suppose you could just leave it set to display on both monitors all the time.

    When I do play games on my TV I always let it display on both, but I set it back to just the monitor when I'm done.

    I have no idea how much more stress this puts on the Video Card but I've never noticed any problem.

    I don't know if it adds any stress at all when the Dvi on the TV isn't set to receive the signal, the computer is aware of this so maybe it makes no difference at all when the TV isn't set to Dvi, but I really don't know.

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