Dual_Monitor Utility............Ultramon (beta) for Windows 7 Available

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by reghakr, Feb 7, 2010.

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    There have been some problems in the past getting the incredibly useful utility Ultramon to run correctly on Windows 7, looks like that's now a thing of the past with a new beta version of Ultramon (3.0.9) available.

    If you've never used it, Ultramon is a great way to extend the benefits of using multiple monitors in Windows 7 including adding a taskbar to the secondary displays and some extra controls to the top right corner of applications for things like moving an app to another display. Granted some of these functions are now built in to Windows 7 (you can flip applications to another monitor with Windows Key + Left/Right arrow). Download Ultramon here.
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    I've been using Ultramon for years and can't see going without it - or dual monitors. Unfortunately it is not free. I never had any problems running it on this 64-bit Win7 system. My only complaint is that it does not correct Window's deficiency to allow a second Quicklaunch bar on the 2nd monitor. Oh well.

    BTW, for those running with two monitors, Blatte's Backgrounds has some really cool dual background images for dual-monitor setups.

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