DualBoot Question.

Well, i know that Windows 7 can be installed with Windows Vista if you install the old one first and later Windows 7...

Actually i have on my PC Windows 7 Build 7077, and i need to install Windows Vista to play some games that aren't working on 7. But i don't want to format drive to install first Vista and later 7.

My plan it's install Windows Vista in a partition and hope that a dualboot will be created, but as i know, Vista will delete the boot of 7..

My question is: ¿There's something that i can do to install Vista and not reinstall 7?



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You can very well install vista in a separate partition and if your bootloader is removed, then fix it by either Win 7 DVD or Vista DVD.
I personally triple boot my lappy with XP, Vista and Win 7.

Note: You have to select recovery or repair console and provide the admin password and fire the following commands,

bootcfg /scan
bootcfg /rebuild


I'm going to try on the Weekend. I was asking because when i installed XP and Vista i never could boot XP again, and i had tried with VistaBootPro and nothing.

See you!


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I got this problem when installing Vista on a XP machine, followed the same solution and got my XP visible on bootloader. do tell us ur result. All the best.

Well i have installed Windows Vista and it didn't touch my Windows 7 installation. The dualboot was make automatically so i didn't need to touch anything :cool:.


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great..the same happened to me after installing Win 7. Anyways, glad u had no trouble.

Install different OS's to different hard disk partitions. Use Control Panel > System > Other system options > Boot & Restore, or use EasyBCD and iReboot to switch between boot entries.

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