Duel Monitor problem

Hello all. I have two monitors, one is a HD and one is regular flat screen one. My main monitor is perfectly fine(HD monitor). But my 2nd screen is not working right. Basicly it's fine but the color is messed up. The color is all blured to the right and is green. If i take a screen shot of the monitor and look at it on my main monitor, it's prefctly fine. This might not explain it right but it's a start. Please help!!!

Some pictures I took, I know there not the best but might help.
screen1..jpg screen2..jpg


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Looks to me like a resolution or refresh rate problem. What card are the monitors plugged into and with what plug? Have you looked through all the settings in your graphics card drivers? Is the second monitor a tv by chance?

I tried all the resolutions and refresh retes i can. I have a geforce GTX 260. And I look in the NVIDIA Control Panel if thats what it would be for my card. Also it is not a TV.

I mean rates***

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