Duel Monitor problem!

hey guys!

My parents had a comp they were going to put in the loft, so I decided i'd steal the monitor and try both. I connected them with a VGA monitor splitter and they both work. However, one of my screens is 1600 x 900 resolution, and the other is 1024 x 768, and my 'main' monitor (the larger of the two) always takes 1024 x 768 as it's default and I can't change it back to the normal resolution!

My second problem is that I can't get them to be separate monitors; if I select extend display, they still continue to show the same thing. I'm a newbie at stuff like this and I don't even know if duel monitors would work on my computer, but I've attached a screenshot of the names of the monitors, as I've tried searching for a solution, but haven't found one. Normally, the default monitor that goes with this computer is recognized, but when put through the splitter, both monitors come up as shown in the screenshot!

I decided that if I manage to get them separate, i'll be able to change the resolution of them both separately, but right now i'm stuck!

Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I've managed to get both screens with 1600x900 resolution, but they still show the same thing on each, and the computer thinks there's a monitor to the right of both monitors.


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Using a "splitter" will always put the same image on both screens. Your graphics card (or motherboard's integrated graphics) must have two monitor connections in order to have different content on each monitor. If you only have one monitor connector on your computer, you will need to buy another graphics card and connect the 2nd monitor (or both monitors) to the new card. Then you should be able to accomplish what want with no problems.

Note, however, that graphics cards are often the most power hungry device in computers - even more so than many CPUs. So before buying a new card, make sure your PSU supports it, or be prepared to buy a new PSU with a new card.

Ahh I see, thanks for your reply! I did notice my tower has a DVI connection at the back; If I ordered a VGA to DVI adapter/ converter, would I be able to get what i'm looking for?

Thank you for your response again :)


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Most likely you would. You should check your manuals as there are a few that allow only one or the other, but that would be rare these days as more and more users are using multi-monitor setups.

Right ok. Thanks a lot for your responses! :)

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