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Hi all.

I'm new here but thought this would be the place to find the answer.

When I open Network Map I can see everything just fine. The problem is that now suddenly my router is not identified. The "gateway" icon is there and when I hover over it I get the IP address and so on...but that's where the joy ends.

This icon used to show DI-604 which is correct and I could click on it and it would open the router's logon page...now it does not.

I did recently reset my router(paperclip in the reset hole) because it locked up and its working fine now.

All of my connections work fine except this icon. It's no deal killer as I can type the IP addy in IE and access the router, it's just that it was very convenient before and I'd like to get the functionality back. :red_smile:

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I do not know of anyone that actually uses network discovery to access the router. It is possible that some NetBIOS compatibility was turned off when you reset the device. This is good in some ways: For so long as the router works as intended and gives you near 99.999% reliability, never worry about this. In fact, the ability to access the router from network discovery/network map in Windows is somewhat unusual, and means that a surface area exists that normally does not on most routers. For instance, it is probably for the best that the router is not easily accessible in this way. Simply bookmark your default gateway/router IP into your browser for future configuration.


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Thanks for the prompt response.

I make changes to my router sometimes...not often mind you...but sometimes.

I really liked this functionality, it was handy, and wasn't available in my XP installations.

I guess I don't understand why it it would be good for this function to be turned off...but I'm no expert. I would like to get this function back if I could.

I have a little OCD when it comes to my computers...if it can do something that I like, and was doing before, I want it.

I should add that when I open Network the Infrastructure catagory is missing...and it also used to be there.

Again I thank you very much for your informed reply.:eek:

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"Dumb Infrastructure Question"

No such thing as a dumb question, just (maybe) dumb answers.


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Some routers have an option to run as a Router or a Gateway... You might check yours for such a thing.

If you reset the router, you probably need to recheck all your settings.


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I have checked all of my router settings and they are good. I've been using the DLink DI-604 router since 2001 (not this one but the DI-604 as a whole...this is my third one). I don't think that this router acts as router or gateway. But i could be wrong.

My issue for writting was the Windows 7 ability to not only specifically identify my router but allow quick access to it, and now its gone. I am also disturbed that I no longer have the "Infrastructure" catagory in my "Network" window.

As I say all is working fine except this functionality, and I hate to wipe/reinstall to get this little bell and whistel back...but I really like it.

If anyone has a clue as to how to get this back I'm all ears.

Thanks :wink_smile:


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Both my router and a Wireless Access Point behave the way you describe.

I will see if I can find out why--tomorrow..... :)


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Thanks Saltgrass,

I hope you find out!:p


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I have been changing my settings to try to make my devices revert to basic, but have not found a setting. Mine do show the IP address and MAC address and allow access to the configuration utility.

It seems devices that can offer the information you are seeking have to offer WiFi Protected Setup. It does not appear it needs to be enabled, but it seems that is part of the capabilities needed. If yours is disabled, you might try enabling it to check.

If you reset your router and any firmware updates were rolled back, you might check to see if an update is available.

And lastly, on my map (attached) the switch on the top was showing as a question mark until I disabled IPv6. After doing that, it showed as a switch. I could then re-enable IPv6 and it stayed.

So, try going to your network adapter settings (ncpa.cpl) and properties and uncheck IPv6. You may need to disable the adapter, then re-enable to get it to rescan. Once that is done you can reverse the process and re-enable IPv6.

Good Luck...



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I've tried everything, and no results. So I went to the extreme...wipe/reinstall.

Now my Infrastructure catagory and the functionality is back, so I'm happy for now. The functionality is not all the way back as it was with the very first install. With the first install not only was the router available, but it was labeled DI-604 in blue letters like a hot link. Now it just says D Link Router. But it works, and I'll take it.

I'll be watching this as I install all of my other programs and drivers to see if there is any affect on funtionality.

Thanks for all of your responses! :applouse:


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Double check your router's features for
UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) make sure that it is enabled
QoS (Quality of Service) if available enable that as well and see if any of the missing functionality is returned.

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