duplicate explorer.exe and iexplorer.exe


i have a weird problem with iexplorer.exe and explorer.exe.
when i check the task manager, i see duplicates of the proccesses, even they dont open.
explorer.exe proccess appearing twice in task manager without any folder open.
iexplorer.exe proccess appearing 3 times in task manager with two open IE windows.
and sometimes several iexplorer proccesses appearing without any IE actualy open.

why its happening?
win7 ultimate. clean from viruses and malewares.


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This is normal.
Explorer may run in more then one instance because there's many different parts of explorer open.
Internet Explorer opens a new process for each tab (stole the idea from Chrome, keeps the whole browser from crashing if a webpage becomes un-responsive.
The instances of IE may continue to run after you've closed Internet Explorer, this may be caused by desktop gadgets etc or for no reason at all.

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