Duplicate Files?

Well, it started with an UAC alert asking if I would allow "jucheck.exe" to make changes to my computer, and me being concerned about the fact that the Publisher was "unknown".

I did some internet searching, and couldn't decide what to do. Some forums say it's ok because even though UAC didn't display the Publisher as being Sun Microsystems, when you do a File Search and view the properties it does say Sun Microsystems. Other forums say it's a virus or trojan because it's "in the wrong folder" (meaning, if it under Programs\Java it's ok, but if it's under Windows\System32 it's not ok).

So, I did the File Search for "jucheck.exe" to see where it was located, and it returned 4 hits:

1) Program Files\Java\jre6\bin
2) Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin
3) Windows\System32
4) Windows\SysWOW64

Putting the "is it a virus/trojan" discussion aside, why are there 4 copies on my PC?

I know that 64-bit Programs will install under both Program File folders, but I don't think "jucheck.exe" needs to ALSO be under the Windows folders...right???

Thanks in Advance!!!


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Normally when you have 64 bit Windows 7, both the 32 bit and 64 bit JAVA should be installed inorder for both 32 and 64 bit programs to use JAVA. Example is IE8. You can run both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of IE8, they are both instaled and the 32 bit is the default since a number of addin's, like Adobe Flash are only available in 32 bit.

Those 4 entries are normal.

I'm cool with the 64bit JAVA and 32bit JAVA files under the Program Files folders, but I'm not cool with those files under the Windows folders...because of two reasons:

1) some forums say the files under the Windows folders are "wrong" and could be malicious
2) the files under the Windows folders are redundant, and unnecessary...if those under the Program Files folders are good

So, I guess I'm still debating whether to delete the files under the Windows folders.

...don't want to mess up JAVA

...don't want to have duplicate/unnecessary files (or virus/trojan issues, if applicable)


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Those are necessary files. If you delete them, you will have problems with JAVA.

BTW jucheck.exe is the application that checks for JAVA updates.


For Java to run correctly, it has to have the "jucheck.exe" file in FOUR locations???

that's ridiculous...


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I didn't mean not to delete unecessary files if you know they are unecessary only if you delete the wrong ones it could make Java unusable.

There should only be one copy of jucheck.exe and it is not in any of those folders.

It is contained it C:\program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\

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I don't know if your "unnecessary but valid comment" was directed towards me but don't think my frustration with the situation is directed towards you. I'm still trying to understand why that file is under the Windows folders. I get the two files under the Program Files folders (i.e. 64bit/32bit versions).

I don't want to delete necessary files, and I don't want to not delete a virus/trojan.


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As I said, there should only be one copy of jucheck.exe.

It is contained it C:\program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\

I would delete the others.

Regarding my delete note "unecessary but vaild comment", if you read your post from two days ago and would like that directed at you then, I stand corrected.

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cool, glad I said something

when I said "that's ridiculous" I was talking about the notion that Java would need that file in 4 locations to run properly

I wasn't saying that YOU were being ridiculous...you're being helpful

ok, so back to the discussion...

so what's the harm if I delete the files under the Windows folders? Java doesn't run properly and I have to re-install?

(thanks for your help btw)


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I believe it will cause no harm to delete the extra jucheck.exe files from the Windows folders. I don't think they belong there. If any issue arises you can always uninstall JAVA and reinstall.

I appreciate your comments.

I've been searching/reading the Sun/Java forums, and it appears that there is a bug with their newer installer that prevents files from older versions from being completely replaced/removed.

There are some seemingly highly technical persons that recommend changing some settings to ensure that Java is using the newest file versions, but since I'm using a brand new computer and have no issues...and was just curious about the "duplicate files"...I'm just going to leave everything alone.


I still want to understand why Java is under Program Files and Windows.



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jucheck is installed in program files (x86) by default, in either 64 or 32Bit.
You, or the person who installed Java, must have installed , automatically, the 64Bit Java.
By default, again, this would automatically go into "Program files" which is specifically for 64Bit programs.
Again, by default, it is placed in system 32. This is because System32 is where, on startup, windows looks for automatically loaded files.

WoW64 stands for "Windows on 64-bit Windows", and it contains all the 32-bit binary files required for compatibility, which run on top of the 64 bit Windows. The file in there is the 32Bit exe.

Fwiw. The file concerned with this thread, depending on how you use your computer, is not essential in startup. It is the periodic update file for Java. If you are content to manually update java from time to time, as I do, you can open Msconfig and, under the startup tab, untick it.

ok, so there are Java files under:

1) Program Files - because they are the 64-bit versions
2) Program Files (x86) - because they are the 32-bit versions
3) Windows\SysWOW64 - because they are the 32-bit versions for compatibility
4) Windows\System32

what about those under the 4th folder listed above?

also, doesn't this all seem a little crazy? :)
(i.e. the fact that Java has files in 4 locations)

(thanks for your help!!!)


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In my post

"Again, by default, it is placed in system 32. This is because System32 is where, on startup, windows looks for automatically loaded files."

This is, of course, Windows\System32.
If you consider it, it is only in 2 folders under 32Bit, as it has always been, for drivers..etc, since Windows 95.

ok, I'm starting to understand why I have Java files under so many folders...

but, why is it the one under System32 that is trying to make changes to my computer?

why not the jucheck.exe file under Program Files, or SysWOW64?

the reason I ask is because I've read on many forums that if the jucheck.exe files is under System32 it is likely a virus/trojan...and I just spent a pretty coin on my new PC and I don't want to get caught slippin' :)

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