Duplicate Folders in Network

Hi, I have a problem with my network folders for my dad's pc. His pc is what I primarily use to download software and such so I just network his folder so that I can gain access to downloaded files w/o going through other medias such as a flash drive etc.

Problem is that when a file is recently downloaded a lock appears on the file and is not accessible to other computers in the network, while my other computers have no problem similar to this :confused:. Also my dad's network folder has only 2 main folders that I have shared: My Documents and Downloads. But in the network folder there are around 7 copies of each folder, i.e. Downloads~1 - Downloads~7 all with the same contents and such and its cluttering the network folder :mad:. What do I do to repair this? I have tried unsharing the folder and sharing it again with no luck :(.

Any help w/ this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I sorta figured out the padlock symbol already and I think its the culprit to why I have so many numerous folders in my network. Because when I try to share individual files they sorta get their own directory on my network folders. I was wondering on how to reverse this action if possible. Thanks!

Fixed it! Turns out it was a problem with Network Magic, a program I use to monitor who's online on my network. The programs turns out to be duplicating the shared folder possibly because my dad probably did it. But now everything is clutter free and working.

If anybody has this same problem I hope this helps.

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