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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Tentacle Master, Oct 4, 2010.

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    First off I like to say I like this forum so Im posting here.:D

    I am having a problem with my network places being over crowd on winows 7, Vista, an XP machines.

    I woul like to get ri of all the broken an duplicate folders.

    Heres the story, I have a media server in one room. Over the years I have bought many internal an enternal hard drives and have assembled them into what now ammounts into 4Tb of combined storage capacity over 10 drives on this one comp. I like using external rives because it allows each drive to be powered and cooled independantly allowing for multiple points of failure. I hate having all my eggs in one basket. This is an XP SP2 machine. OVer the months Ive had drives added/removed/fail causing my drive letters to switch quite often. This has caused quite a problem on other machines, 7, vista, and xp that like to use this media server.

    When I view my network places I get multiple copies of each drive. I have 33 folder locations referencing 10 drives. Most of the folder links work and have nameing scheme of [drive name] [capacity] [drive letter] however they don't always go to the place they say they will, but they will go to the drive.

    For example I'll have:

    Drive 1-320gb-(G)
    Drive 2-120gb-(D)
    Drive 3-250gb-(G)
    Drive 2-120gb-(G)
    Drive 1-320gb-(D)

    these 5 folders would only go to the drives G or D. This is a pain when Im trying to find a file when I don't know the drive letter. Im reduced to making new folders on the drives like "no movies here", "Only bad music here", and "be warry turn back"

    So how can clean up my my network places on my windows 7, visa, and if you can, xp machines. I dont care how dificult the solution maybe.
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    Best bet consolidate and start over, easiest solution, using win 7 index every drive and folder then just search for the file. Then there are the folder synchronizers, and other software solutions. can you be a tic more specific about what is where and it contents I might be able to script something to to the copy but it will need a big HD to copy to.

    Ken J

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