Windows 10 Duplicate Phone

Hi, not sure if anyone can help with this here but I have a small issue.

I just updated to Windows 10 and everything went great, but there is just one small issue, my phone seems to be duplicated in "Devices and Drives". It's just a minor annoyance really, but I was wondering why it has happened and how to get rid of the seemingly useless duplicate.

This is how it looks:

The one on the left works as normal, when clicked on it shows the internal storage and sd storage, and disappears when I disconnect the phone.

The one on the right, however, does not disappear at all and seems to not be able to do anything.

This is all that appears for this one:

Any ideas why it's there and how I can remove it? Thanks.


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Have you tried going into Device Manager and turning on hidden devices and removing the phone from there?


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If you notice, one of the Phones has a headset attached. That probably means it is a media server, possibly iTunes.....

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