Duvida ao compartilhar internet, na porta wlan do router


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É o seguinte, tenho 1 router 3 pc's (pc1, pc2, pc3)

Apanho net sem fios no pc1 e ponho na porta wlan do router e dai vai para o outros pc (pc2, pc3)..
Mas isto no Ubuntu

O que queria saber como se faz isso no Windows 7 :S
Porque ja tentei muitas coisas e nunca fica com internet nos pc's:S

Se alguém me podes-se ajudar :)

Desde de ja obrigado ;)


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Unfortunately, it is kindly asked, that if possible, you do write your message in English, as most users of the forum do speak that language and it is indecipherable otherwise.

Thank you, kindly.


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The thing is, I have a router with 3 pc's (pc1, pc2, pc3) connected to it. I use Ubuntu.

What I wanted to know how to do this in Windows 7. I tried many things and cannot get it to work.

Make sure you have your WI-FI device driver installed.

1. Configure your router, you should have support CD telling you how. Enter router's WEP key, IPV4 & DNS of your provider. This step is very important. If you don't have the support CD, visit your router's manufacturer's site/forum.

2. Right click on LAN/WI-FI connection > Properties > set IPV4 & DNS to get ip's automatically.


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