Windows 7 dvd burner cd nec 3550a Not working right


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Jan 11, 2009
Ok this burner wont reconize data disk or transfer files properly it locks up and many problems.

It sees the files. But if you click a folder slowly. And you can never transfer a files from disk to pc.
I had a similar issue with Vista and my dvd drives. I updated the dvd drive firmware and everything worked fine after that. You may want to check and see if there is a firmware update for your cd/dvd drive.
OK checked firmare its fine.Its some kind bug.If anyone has same problem and or a fix let me know.BE great people couldtest there dvd rw for moving files. then post what dvd-rw work good unrer this windows 7.CAuse i love windwos 7/But need working dvd rw to contiune. Now Mine burns fine so far. A image under imgburn. HAvent tested data. Problem lies try to read and use discs. And or data. Both have serious issues. So im sure its a driver issue. SO what dvd -rw are good and work 100 percent?
By coincidence, I have just read this on another site. I do not have the problem, nor do I know if it is exactly the cause of years, but, fwiw.
  • Press the start button and in the search bar at the bottom of the start menu type “regeditâ€Â￾
  • Click on “regedit.exeâ€Â￾ in the search results and then give permission when windows asks you to open the registry editor.
  • On the tree view in the left side of the registry editor find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEâ€Â￾ and maximise this
  • in SYSTEM maximise CurrentControlSet
  • In CurrentControlSet maximise Control
  • in Control Maximise Class
In the class tree their should be a list of keys with very long names (example: {0475BB51-5A02-4EE0-B36C-29040FAD2650}) click on the first one under Class and look to the right panel their should be information about that key and you need see if that key says “CD/DVD drivesâ€Â￾, keep checking each key in the class tree until you find that.
Now once you have found the CD/DVD drives key in the right panel their should be upper-filters and lower-filters, delete these (note: there might be two lower and upper filters with the second set having a .bak extension make sure you don’t delete these if you do). once you have deleted these close the registry editor and re-boot.
Ok here is photo of what isee

Im confussed by what you mean to delete by upper and lower.what do i delete sir from here and thank you for help
Sorry Matt, but you do not have the filters, so nothing to delete. I will have a browse and see if there are any other solutions.

Later. I do not consider this an answer to the Windows 7 DVD problem, as it is happening with different models of DVD burner but, Having a look around the web, I can see that the NEC 3550a is giving particular problems. I can only suggest you wait and see if anyone, including Microsoft, can come up with a positive answer. I see you are on a couple of other help sites. If anyone gives an answer that works, perhaps you could be kind enough to post back here.
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I also have a dvdrom (DVD+- RW NEC ND-3530a) that isnt working properly.... I am not able to play dvd movies, where as last night I had no problem getting it to play, though I had to try a few times before it would play. After trying the same thing I did last night to get the contraption to work and play it was a dead end. I have followed your steps and I only have an UpperFilters and the data that it is displaying is GEARAspiWDM, there isnt any LowerFilters. Would I delete that one?
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