DVD copying?

I have three children and they are all getting an android tablet for Christmas this year. We often take long road trips and I usually just charge up our laptop and bring DVD's along for them to watch. With that being said, the tablets they are getting can take a micro sd card. I know you can put movies and what not on it and I was thinking that would be perfect because then they wouldn't have to share one computer and they could each watch whatever movie was their card. I've never copied a DVD before and was wondering if this is possible to do on my Windows 8 Toshiba laptop? I currently use the Toshiba video player when playing a dvd. Let me add that I am not trying to copy DVD's that I do not already own nor am I attempting to sell copies. I simply want to put them on an sd card for my kids to use in their tablets when on long trips. Any suggestions?

It's easy enough. The thing is that DVD's are usually copy protected, so you just need to get around that. You could use AnyDVD for that. Then if you could use DVDShrink to copy the DVD to your computer. If your wanted to convert those files to AVI you could try an older version of DVDFab. The newer versions have a lot of audio/video sync and pixelation problems. To play the files I would install the K-Lite codec pack and use Media Player Classic. There is no 2-Click option I'm afraid. I tried to include links to all the various places, but each time I tried to add a link, the other would would turn back into regular text. It seems that this site, much like Windows H8, is only capable of doing one thing at a time.

Depends. Some DVDs are encrypted in a certain way that allows Windows to recognize that they don't want you copying the DVD.

It's a double win for them: they keep their copyright, and you can't read the files.

There are some tools to decrypt it, but it takes forever.


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I use DVD Catalyst https://www.tools4movies.com/ (on sale now for $9.95) to copy DVDs and place them on my Nexus 7 Android tablet. I haven't encountered a DVD yet that it couldn't copy. I had was having a little trouble copying one DVD, contacted the developer and he told me exactly how to do it.

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