DVD drive gets hooked by other program


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I have had this problem forever and no one at Adobe forums was able to figure it out so I thought maybe I'll ask here to search for a non-Adobe solution.

When I use a program called Adobe Encore - for authoring and burning DVD's, while the program is working (it works for many hours on one DVD), both my CD-ROM and DVDROM don't let me read other disks. It somehow "hooks" my 2 disk drives.

If I put a disk in the drive, the drive icon will change, showing me that I had put a disk in it, but if I try to open the disk, it will eject the disk and give me a message saying "please insert a disk".

What's strange is that I can still use the drives for burning. I can burn a disk with Nero and it will burn successfully and eject the disk like it should. But if I reinsert the disk - the one I just burned - again, I can't open what I just burned. This is all of course, as I said, as long as Adobe Encore is still in the process of making a disk.

p.s. Encore only needs an empty disk in the drive when I click "burn" in Encore. After that, during the hours of it converting files to DVD, it doesn't need the disk, only at the end when it is ready to burn. So I would like to be able to use my disk drives during this time for other things.

What I want to know is if there is some program that can detect and free software and system hooks. Maybe some DLL file or something that's hooking the drives. Like "WhoLockMe" (doesn't work in my case).



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Have you checked for any updates to Encore?

Since Disc burning is so intensive, I would think Encore is just trying to protect its own processes.

Is there a way to separate the file conversion process from the burn process? Maybe it allows for making an .iso on the hard drive first.

What version of Encore are you using?


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I use CS3. I can't use higher versions for certain reasons. But I doubt it's the version.
I DO do that. I don't press "burn" at first. I right click the footage and choose "transcode now". As soon as it starts transcoding, the drives are hooked. By transcoding, it is just making m2v files on the hard drives which will later be burned.

Yes, I'm sure it' trying to protect it's processes, that's why I want to override that. Do you know a program that can do this?

Sorry I can't really help at all with your exact issue, since I don't use Adobe for authoring and never witnessed the problem.

I use TMPGEnc DVD Author so I figured I'd mention that and give it a shout since I think it's pretty good.


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Thanks. Hey guys, I just thought, lets forget about Adobe. I use a program called "Process Monitor" for other things but remembered that it has dll's and RAM stacks in the reports so I take a look at that tomorrow.

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