Windows 7 DVD Drive Problems


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Installed Windows 7 64-bit Build 7100 on system with Plextor Sata2 DVD Drive. No issues. After about 3 days, the DVD locked up. the tray would not open. Even using the Manual Tray Eject did not work well. After I got the tray opened, I rebooted the computer to see if bootup would suck the drive tray in. No luck. Just replaced the DVD Drive with a brand new Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216R 1.02 Qflix Sata 2 Drive. Same issues! The tray will not open. Windows 7 Device Manager shows the drive is working properly. Any ideas what is making the DVD unuseable?
Hello and welcome.

There is absolutely no way that an operating system change can make the DVD drive not able to eject.

It seems like a hardware issue, not with the DVD Rom itself, but some connection on the motherboard.
DVD drive problem

My Pioneer bluray drive is not willing to open the the tray under Windows7 RC either. After restoring Vista X64 OS funtions excellently.

If I disable drive in Windows7 tray opens, after loading the driver again, the same problem - tray is closed for ever.

That means, SOFTWARE/DRIVER problem.