Windows 7 DVD Drive recognized, but not reading


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I installed the 64bit version of 7 last night. After countless snags along the way, it's finally in and looks great. However, this morning when I went to begin installing applications, I noticed that my DVD-RAM won't spin up or load CD/DVD when they are put into the tray.

For example, the first disc I put in was WoW Disc 1. There was no audible sound that the drive was spinning up, but the light on the device was flashing. When I went into 'My Computer,' the drive displayed as if there was not a disc in it. Five minutes later, UAC prompted me if I wanted to begin an install.... I clicked yes, but then UAC told me that there was no disc in the drive.

I had to turn off HyperTransport and IDE/FDD controllers to get 7 installed. Since then, I have re-enabled all of those options and 7 itself is fantastic. The BIOS has been updated as has the firmware for the DVD-RAM. I've also updated the drivers for mobo (nForce 520). Would really like to get this solved. System specs are as followed:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5400+ Black Edition;
Abit AN52 nForce 520 Motherboard;
OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 4GB DDR2 (PC2 6400);
Western Digital WD360GD 36gb Raptor (OS);
Western Digital WD740ADFD 74gb Raptor (Storage);
LG GH22NS30 DVD-RAM Drive;
XfX GeForce 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition
first, sorry my bad english.

Ok, i had the same problem, with the exactly same GH22NS30 and W7 64 bits.

And i solve this by changing an option in the BIOS SETUP.

I dont remember exactly which option was, but i changed from 'NATIVE' to 'LEGACY'

And now works FINE!

If dont works for you, try these steps there i did before do that change:

1st - Change SATA port of the GH22NS30 on the Motherboard (Sata Cable)
2nd - Update the firmware to the newest version (1.03)
3rd - Update the Chipset Device Software for my Motherboard

Greetings from Brazil