DVD drive will write CD-ROM but not DVD

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Ed Mullen, Sep 23, 2010.

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    I upgraded from XP to W7 Pro. I can burn CD-ROMs but not DVDs.

    My two optical drives are SONY DVD RW DW-Q28A ATA. They worked fine in XP.

    I've tried updating and uninstalling the drivers from Device Manager, no good.

    The odd thing is that both Roxio 2010 and Windows DVD Maker will encode the video file, then tell me they are burning the disc, show a progress dialog, the disc is being accessed, then the sw says it completed successfully. However, when I reinsert the disc in the drive Windows reports it as being empty.

    I'm stumped. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

    Ed Mullen

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    Things to try. You may have done these already.
    1. Verify the drive are WIN7 compatible

    2. Firmware update for drives

    3. Sony has a better driver then WIN7 provided

    4. Do a DVD burn with read verify after burn and see what results.

    Reminder the CD/DVD drives use two different lasers, I doubt they both just went bad, but this leads to it possibly being a software/ driver issue.
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