DvD Drive wont read any type of media

Hello all, hoping this is the correct forum for this.

Back in February I bought a new custom build PC. First PC I've ever owned that didn't come off the shelf at Wal Mart.
Had a friend help me spec it out.

Asus M5A97 Motherboard
AMD FX 4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.6 GHz
8 GB Ram
Radeon 6770 Graphics card (originally)
Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive (originally)
LG Blu-ray RW disk drive SATA (originally)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Fired her up and she ran fine for about a week. Then the graphics driver would "stop responding" ever few minutes. I tried updating graphics driver, uninstall/reinstall driver, nothing I could do helped so I ordered a new Graphics Card. A Radeon 6850.

While I'm waiting for delivery of graphics card, the hard drive took a crap. So I ordered a new hard drive. A Western Digital 500GB. Installed new HD but then couldn't get windows to install so I took it to a local shop and paid them 100 bucks to get it installed ( I wish I knew their tricks).

Got it back home, tried it out, still have the "graphics driver stopped responding" issue so installed the new graphics card. All is well EXCEPT..

now the Blu-Ray drive is acting up. /facepalm
It would begin playing a dvd and then I would get a message that the dvd was in the wrong region. Tried setting the region in the drive properties, same thing. Eventually the drive basically stopped working.

The drive would be there in windows explorer until I inserted a disk (any type ) then the drive would disappear. I looked for driver and firmware updates, none to be found. I ordered and installed new SATA cables, even tried the drive connected to different Sata connections and different power connection, same problem.

By now I'm thinking the drive is bad, hell I've had to replace the HD and the graphics card, maybe the blu-ray also needs replacing. I took an old dvd drive out of a HP machine I had and installed it. Same problem. I'm thinking since it came from an HP machine maybe it'll only work in an HP machine. Ok so order a new disk drive.

Current Problem:
This time I skipped on the Blu-ray and just bought a DVD RW drive. It's a Sony AD-7280s.
Installed the drive, windows found and installed the driver with no problem. I've tried updating the driver but it tells me the latest driver is already installed. I've tried it on different SATA connections with different SATA cables.

The drive (D) is visible in windows explorer and doesn't disappear but it wont read any media at all, not DvDs, not data CDs, nothing, just sits there "trying" to read the disk indefinitely.

I am at my wits end with this. This is the most expensive (1K) PC I've ever owned and it's given more hassle than anything. Wish I'd bought a 500 dollar HP from walmart.

Any help or suggestions you folks could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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Anytime you have multiple problems on a system, I tend to look for something in common. What type of power supply do you have, and are you running it through a UPS or plugged directly into the wall?

Thanks for the reply
about to go to bed, have work early in the morning, I can give more detailed reply tomorrow.

I have 800 or 850 watt power supply. Dont remember a brand name but I'll look at that tomorrow as well.
Power supply and monitors all run through a "surge protector", off the shelf walmart type.

Hello tugowar,

I know you stated it "won't read any media at all", does that include pre-recorded media (retail) or just media you've recorded on RW disc's?
And, will it burn media/data for you on a blank disc?


That does include pre-recorded media, dvd's, software disks, even my windows 7 install disk, no go.

Haven't really tried to burn anything to be honest.

Am I alone in this? Any other ideas? Have I messed up something irrevocably? Am I the not-so-proud owner of a one thousand dollar paper weight?

Any other ideas, suggestions are more than welcome.

btw, after Saltgrass reply I did give the power supply it's own wall socket separate from my monitors. Didn't make a change.


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Sounds to me there is something fundamentally wrong, since it goes from one part to another.

My guess would be the motherboard. Since it's a new build, it surely has a warranty. Why not take it to the seller? I mean, you can spend the rest of your life fighting something you don't know.

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