Windows 7 DVD drive


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Mar 8, 2009
I woke up this morning and my DVD-drive didn't work. It's an older one so the drivers are hard to find. So I got a DVD drive from another computer I have, put it in the computer and it's trying to use the drivers from the older model. Every time I uninstall the drivers and reboot, They're still there! And now I can't install new drivers. Any ideas?

In all actuality, you should not need drivers for a DVD drive. Most if not all modern drives just work and should not need much in the drivers area. I would just try disabling the not working DVD drive in your device manager and then restart. It should try to detect your newer drive.

There is no specific driver for a CD-ROM unless you're talking about the old DOS days where you had to place the drivers in the autoexec.bat.

All DC and DVD drives use the cdrom.sys file as the file system driver for all DC/DVD Rom drives.

If you goto Device manager, click on the CD=DVD rom, see if it has a yellow or red flag by it. Now right -click and choose properties, then click the drivers tab and see if the cdrom.sys drive is there. There also may be other entries as some CD burners add their own drivers here as well.

I'm sure it's probably an IDE drive, so you might want to change the jumpers around.