Windows 7 DVD movie will not play video

Sick Nasty

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Jan 16, 2009
I'm using the 64-bit Beta flavor and cannot get Windows Media Center nor Player to get a commercial DVD movie to play. I can hear the audio and see the select "play" title only. Anyone else have this problem or a remedy????

My specs are on my profile>about me section. Thx
Actually, I've been using VLC. That plays fine. So it's a codec error somewhere. I wonder if one of my programs replaced the windows default with something else???
Most likely a codec issue. Check out this page for more information about codec packs:
Link Removed - Invalid URL

Or you can just grab the codec pack download straight from this link:
|MG| Win7codecs 1.0 Beta

It's from shark007, the same guy that made the Vista codec pack so you don't have to worry about it being unreliable or anything like that =)
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