DVD Problems


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Every time I use the dvd to install anything I gat a message.

Retry, Cancel, skip :confused:

The only way to get it to stop is reboot. :mad:

I have a HP light scribe DVD

Amy one else having this problem ? :eek:

Using Windows 7 64 bit

Thomas :cool:


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The driver is somthing that MS should put in the os and have it right. I have two computers and only one of them do this. They boath have HP Light scribe dvd's in them. I am using 64 bit on boath. So I see it as a bug. I still have never got any updates on Windows 7 yet. The only thing they have up dated is the definations . :(



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Don't forget, it's only a Beta 1 release. Not all hardware is going to be handled in a Beta. The final release will have a lot more hardware support. Did you try the DVD manufacturer's site, or Guru3d? Also try a Vista Driver and use the Vista compatibility option for the driver setup.