dvd rom disappearing from device manager


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Dell laptop E5500 running windows 7 x64.

DVD ROM appears in device manager after start up for a few seconds then disappears. Showing Error Code 45 (not connected to computer)

Earlier this evening it also showed error code 10 (device cannot start)

Opening and closing the tray prompts it to show in device manager but again for only a few seconds.

Loading a data CD will get it to run and it works for as long as it is being used then disappears from device manager again.

Is there a setting that is incorrectly configured?

This not an upper and lower filters problem - not in my registry.
BIOS set to ACHI mode
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IDE / ACHI BIOS setting

No that's how it was. I was going to try then found it set as suggested on another forum.

Thanks anyway.

It's just very odd that the drive appears to work and appears in device manager when in use but then disappears from device manager and system tray seconds after usage ends. Slightly different, I think, to all the other scenarios I read about on the web.