DVD RW drive not working

hoping i can get some help for this problem here

i just got this laptop 3 days ago, a Samsung Q430 running Windows 7 Home Premium, and after i installed the newest version of iTunes my DVD RW drive has completely stopped working, it is still visible in the disk manager and is assigned a letter, but it will not play or upload to itunes music cds, or play dvds, when i insert a disc into the drive i can hear it start to spin and attempt to read it but after about a minute it just stops and nothing happens. if i go into the "computer" screen from the start menu and click on the drive while a disc is inserted it says "please insert a disc into drive E:" then ejects the tray.

i have done the deleting of upper and lower filters in the registry and also tried uninstalling the drive and letting windows re-find it but nothing will work, i am pretty knowledgeable about computers and would have thought i could figure this out, but i am unfamiliar with this machine and windows 7 still.

im desperate to get this fixed and completely out of ideas/motivation to go further as its just endless frustration for me. if anyone has any idea of what to try or how to fix this i would be very grateful. i just want to be able to fill the iTunes library so that i can continue to use it with my iPod, and i have over 200 cd's to import and this drive being broken is a huge inconvenience for me.

sorry for the long winded post but im just trying to provide as much information as possible to help get this resolved.


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Test to see if iTunes is causing the problem.
Remove iTunes, Bonjour, and related applications through Control Panel -> Programs (You can always reintroduce your library later when you re-install)
Go to Start -> Search -> System Restore and restore back to before you installed iTunes.

If the problem still exists, consider it a bad DVDRW. You have a lot of options since the laptop is new that many people won't have. If the drive is dead, you can still 100% return it for a replacement. There is a good chance you'll never have the problem again if this is the case. Anything that spins on your system, whether its a desktop or laptop, has a higher chance of failure. This includes the DVDRW, which uses a highly calibrated optical lens and laser. It is very easy for it to break. The same can go for hard drives and fans. There is a really good chance it is just broken.


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Removed. You've tried the regedit way!!

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