DVD Shrink Problem


I have a problem:(

I want to reduce the size of downloaded media to fit on a standard DVD-R. I thought DVD Shrink would do that but I can't get it to access any file on my hard disc.

My OS is Windows 7 64 bit and use Windows DVD Writer to produce the dVDs.

To reduce the size of the file (Which Windows DVD Writer says necessary) I have tried both programs DVDShrink32 and one I paid for called DVDShrink2010 (I thought it might have some updates for Windows 7 but I am starting to doubt it). I have sent several emails to the provider of the latter but have received no replies to date:(.

Symptoms: When selecting Files from "Hard disc folder" it comes up with an information box stating :

"DVDSHRINK encountered an error

Failed to open file C:/whatever.

The system cannot find the file specified".

I have tried all sorts of ideas to get it to do something but so far zilch, there seems to be difficulty selecting files from Windows 7 folders.


You have to open an .iso image of a DVD or a folder containing an already authored DVD.

If the source is not a DVD, you'll have to encode to MPEG-2 with AC3 or MP2 audio first. Then author the DVD from there.

Thanks for responding to my problem
I can't say I've sorted it yet but it is throwing more light on it.
What it appears to boil down to is what DVDShrink accepts as a file and I assume
(dangerous) .ISO files are amongst those it can see? I used "folder2iso" program to convert but
DVDShrink is still blind. Still baffled, Sorry! Any more suggestions?


New Member
Maybe open the ISO with Winrar? I was told this works but I've not tried it my self.:confused:

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