DVD won't play in any media player on my computer

*Product Type : Notebook
*Product Model : Asus K60IJ
*Product S/N : 9BN0AS00825945A
Place of Purchase : Best Buy, Loveland, CO, USA
*Date of Purchase : 2009/12/4

My problem is that my Asus K60IJ will not play or even recognize a single DVD from a series box set (Season 4, Disc 1 of the Sopranos). It just ejects after manually trying to find the DVD and the dialog window says to insert a DVD.

The disc is brand new from a sealed box, and only has very small scratches that I doubt would interfere with being able to play.

This DVD plays on all other systems I tried.

I rebooted several times.

I rebooted several times.

I tried playing the DVD with the OEM installed Cinema Now software.

I cleaned the disk and the DVD drive lens.

We checked Device Manager, which said the device was working properly, but we tried the update function anyway. It said the driver software on the system was the best driver.

I also tried updating Windows Media Player, but that's up to date as well.

I checked out the ASUS FAQ and Forums page but did not see anything applicable.

I hope anything you all might have to offer will help, but this problem seems so specific to my computer that nothing will help.

Use another computer to save the DVD to hard drive using DVDDecrypter.

Then copy/paste the saved folder across the network to the machine that can't read it, so you can watch it now.


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Do other DVDs play on your laptop?
If no DVDs play you may need to install a codex to play them.

Yes, other DVDs play, but now, there's a new issue- the whole box set will not play. I know seasons 2-3 were playable before yesterday, but after I posted, they would not play! So suddenly, my computer decided it did not like the format after playing 2 seasons.


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I don't have a clue as to what's happening, it's very strange.
The only thing I can think of is to see if you have a restore point before you had the problem.

You could try turning off Windows Media Player in the Uninstall Programs window reboot and activate it again. This should cause it to re-install. Maybe it will restore the codecs and software that plays the DVD.

You could download and try this free DVD player and see what happens.

Easy DVD Player - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

Or try the 30 day free trial of CyberLink Power DVD and see if it works.

CyberLink PowerDVD Mark II - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

I'd be interested to know if either of these will play the DVDs.
If they refuse also, something may have happened physically inside your DVD drive.

If that doesn't work perhaps as a last result, a repair install of Windows to try and get you back where you were.


Thanks for your reply! Some new developments- i tried playing the disc that wouldn't play in my laptop in my TV's DVD player and 9 1/2 minutes in, the DVD started doing all the stuff it does when you have a bad scratch on it. I took it out of the player and looked closely at the disc. I saw that there were two imperfections I had not seen before: two indents on the disc near the formatting area and further out. I think my problem is a combination of 3 things- 1) my laptop has a poor laser reader, 2) Those imperfections on the disc, and 3) my computer had a little hiccup when I tried playing the other discs because they all play fine now. I'll reply back if I have any more trouble. Thanks again.


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Glad you got it sorted out!


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