DVD's Not Working Properly..

Did a clean install on my Dell today to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (was previously using Vista Home Premium 64 bit). Everything went smooth and looks and runs great except one thing I noticed, which is a big deal since I watch a lot of movies on here - When I play a DVD in windows media center or windows media player, the picture gets all "digitally"..not sure how to describe it but it's just not working correctly. Sound works but the picture is screwed. Here's a screenshot:

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What's wrong fellas?

EDIT: Opps, posted in Vista Multimedia by accident!

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Hello and welcome to the windows 7 forums,

I assume you installed from the DVD-ROM, correct

How old is your computer

You might want to look over the threads at the bottom of this page.

There is also a Microsoft Knowledge Base article ,located here:

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Youre upper and lower filterss may be your answer

My computer is about 2 months old. It's a Dell Inspiron i537. The Windows 7 I recieved yesterday was the free upgrade I got from Dell since I recently bought this computer 2 months ago.


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Did you update your drivers Brandon?

It's working now.

Windows alerted me with some updates (unimportant and important ones) I went through the list of unimportant ones and saw a couple things that I lost during the clean install. So I downloaded them and it's working fine now.

Any other drivers I need to update?


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Everything really.. Chipset, sound and graphics are the main ones (if you can't find 7 drivers vista will do) just like you would under any os as having the latest usually means a better running machine..
Glad to see your problem is fixed though..:)

Just checked them all and they all seem to be up to date. We're good to go!


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Great stuff!
Knowing that my machine is running well always gives me a warm glow...;)

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