Dynamic Disk takes forever


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Hello friends

I just installed 2x4 TB disk from HGST. When I first connected them I only saw 1.6 TB per disk and I had to install a third party driver from HGST first. After driver installation I could see the whole 4 TB per disk.

Since I wanted mirrored drives I went on and converted them to dynamic disks in Computer Management. I started this process about 2 hours ago and it has still not finished.

Is this normal? The disk LEDs are blinking on my computer chassis and playing YouTube videos is not smooth so I suppose it's doing something.

However, the Computer Management screen has frozen for those two hours and I'm starting to worry a bit. I had already tried this process yesterday with the same result. I then had to switch off the PC. It turns out Windows then get stuck during boot-up while the LEDs continued to blink. So, I started with another OS installation without the HGST driver, and with that I was able to reset the dynamic disk and move back to basic. After that my original OS would start up again.

What's wrong? I assume moving to dynamic disk should not take several hours, right? I mean, who wants to wait hours before using new disks? It's not like I'm converting anything which would require to migrate data. Those were empty disk right from the manufacturer without having formatted them ever before.


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